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Seed dPMC
Seed BA 44/45
Seed FOP
Seed aSTS
Seed pSTS
Seed aMTG

Copyright © Sarah M. E. Gierhan, 2012; Manuscript "Functional roles and anatomy of language fiber tracts", Gierhan & Friederici, 2012.

The single-subject brain template (JHU_MNI_SS) is derived from Oishi et al., Neuroimage, 2009.

aMTG = anterior middle temporal gyrus
aSTS = anterior superior temporal sulcus
BA 44/45 = Brodmann areas 44/45
dPMC = dorsal premotor cortex
FOP = frontal operculum
pSTS = posterior superior temporal sulcus

© technical implementation A. Anwander; R. Schurade